First Look: Bandette #4 from Monkey Brain Comics


This looks like a really good issue of Bandette. I like the new character/antagonist and will look forward to buying this from the Comixology site to maximize the creators royalties. Here's the info from Monkey Brian and stick around for the preview after the jump.

$.99 – Ages 15+ – While a sinister crime organization known as FINIS plots against Bandette, the plucky young prowler receives a cryptic invitation to a midnight meeting with her greatest rival, the master thief Monsieur! Will Monsieur prove to be Bandette’s invaluable ally, or her backstabbing foe? And what will happen when a mysterious figure makes a surprise appearance at their rendezvous? Adventure! Machination! Presto!

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Paul Tobin, Writer - Colleen Coover, Artist