First Look: Blue Water Comics on Sale 3/27/13


It's a smaller week from Blue Water, but I have to say that it's a diverse set of books this week. Again, Atlas looks interesting, but that new title Starlex... looks interesting right? Well check it out and be sure to read the full details after the jump. Now... READ!


Insane Jane: Avenging Star #4

Writer: Zach Hunchar

Artist: GMB Chomichuk

This is it. All of your questions will be answered. The villain is revealed. Lives hang in the balance. The most nerve-wracking ending to the most talked about mini-series of the year. The end is here. Or, perhaps, what's really arrived is the end of the beginning.


Atlas #3

Writer: Dan Rafter

Artist:  Erik Thompson

 At the funeral for a fallen, fellow superhero, Atlas and Wonderboy must join forces with the other crime fighters in attendance to battle a flying threat. Atlas meets a mysterious snake girl that claims she wants to help him. But can she be trusted? 


Starlex #1

Writer: Dan Barnes

Artist: Dody Eka

Digital & print

Alexis Starling was a Photography student at Los Angeles University. While taking photographs of a meteorite shower, She noticed a shooting star seemingly heading toward her. She snapped away as the star came closer, the star fell faster and faster, she gazed up at it frozen, she could not move. Faster and faster the star fell, closer and closer until... silence. For that split second there was nothing. Time stood still. As the star fused with her body they became one. She fell to the ground; her body sparkling likes the night sky above. She absorbed the power of the star and became Starlet! Famed model Jenny Pousin graces the cover of this new adventure!


Vincent Price Presents #34

Writer: Jon Judy

Artist: Luis Chichon

Digital & in print for the 1st time!

A satanic cult has offered to ensure that Bruno’s sons enjoy a lifetime of comfort and ease. But they want Bruno to kidnap the baby of a famed aviator. Will Bruno deliver an innocent baby to a murderous cult? His sons would gain the world, but what would Bruno lose?


Back to Mysterious Island collected edition

Writer: Max Landis

Artist: Kevin Gentilcore 

From Arcana Comics

The Jules Verne classic is back in this brand new sequel written by screenwriter Max Landis. Mysterious Island has risen again; this time in present day, and the infamous Captain Nemo is back to command a new set of monsters. This graphic novel has a ton of new features that have never been seen before.