First Second Announces Their Fall 2016 Lineup

I'm always curious to see how many books First Second will announce for a given season, mostly because I want to see how many of their books I'll end up reading. Here's the list! From First Second:

Might Jack

Mighty Jack, by Ben Hatke – this book takes on the ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ fairy tale, transforming it into a modern-day fantasy about family and the perils of magical gardening.


Demon, by Jason Shiga – this is maybe the most violent thing we’ve ever published, and it’s amazing.  You’ll be seeing three more volumes from us in 2017.

Margo Maloo

The Creepy Casefiles of Margo Maloo, by Drew Weing – prepare for a marvelous Harriet The Spy-esque adventure – with monsters!


Volcanos: Fire and Life, by Jon Chad – the latest in our Science Comics series of fun comics about science topics for kids (and adults can read along for some geeky science too!).  You’ll see Jon Chad’s artwork in our FCBD Science Comics as well.


Varmints, by Andy Hirsch – a middle-grade western adventure about two kids on the road, in search of the man who shot their mother.

Quirk's Quest

Into the Outlands, by Robert Christie and Deborah Lang – the adventures of a bumbling sea captain, marooned with his crew on an uncharted island.

Last Man The Rescue

The Rescue, by Bastien Vives, Michael Sanlaville, and Balak – it’s the final volume in this arc of the Last Man series!  Now’s the perfect time to catch up.


Tetris, by Box Brown – if you liked Box’s Andre the Giant biography, you’ll love this one too – it tells the story of the creation of the video game Tetris (filled with Russian spies and other craziness!), as well as discussing humanity’s drive to create and play games.