For Your Consideration: Stoner Joe The Bunny

The name of the series is “Stoner Joe the Bunny” and will be one of the very few “sketch comedy” comics on the market.  Comprised of short stories, parodies and non sequiturs, our protagonist constantly finds himself in an infinite number of limitless situations. The humor is mature, subtle and very character-driven, but always builds toward laugh out loud moments of comedic clarity.

Throughout the series, each episode begins with the “stoner” theme by showing the numerous – and creatively humorous – methods by which Joe smokes pot.  While this will be the underlying driver of his sometimes questionable escapades, these are not the typical drug-centric stories of a stoned couch potato.

The Characters (three recurring cast members):

Stoner Joe – The title character and center of the series, Joe is a Rastafarian bunny rabbit who loves getting stoned and wandering into trouble.  He speaks with a Jamaican accent reminiscent of Bob Marley, and attracts attention and excitement everywhere along his path.

Mr. Spleen – The second cast member, Mr. Spleen is a walking, talking, breathing spleen.  He alludes to having a successful job as a door-to-door salesman, yet while we see him working plenty of other odd jobs, his proud day job eludes us.

The Nameless Character – The third and last of the three.  Very curious and goofy, he always seems to have random things happening to him.  He will mostly appear in the one-page non sequiturs, although he has a tendency of encountering the other two characters at appropriately random times.