GameLock Could Dominate The Video Game Trade-In Market

The idea of GameLock is an easy enough one to absorb; you buy a game from them and a hold is placed on your credit card for the full price of the game which is usually $60 dollars, but in some cases low. I'll use the example of Destiny which is priced at $56.75 new or if they have a pre-owned copy then you can select that. Now here's where the trade-in aspect comes into play, you can then select a 30, 60 or 90 day option to send the game back and it will show the price that you will be charged upon returning the game. As the image below shows, return it in 30 Days and you'll get back $30.09... guaranteed. That's huge because if you've ever traded in a game then you sure as hell know that there's never a guaranteed price for the trade-in and certainly not one before you buy the game. GameLock---Destiny

Another interesting thing is that unlike Gamestop which we all know is the biggest game trade-in retailer on the market, GameLock will actually cut the publishers in on the resale. Think about that for a minute because that's the game publishers biggest gripe is not being cut in on the re-sales, but now here's an option to do just that. Interesting right? I know I'm looking to check it out because if even if you select the sixty or ninety day option it's still pretty damn good. Obviously the prices will change depending on when you buy it, but you're trade-in price is locked in depending on when you send it back.

This could be potentially huge for the video game industry and hell it could even effect the rental aspect of it not just trade-in's.