Got $2,000 Bucks? Why Not Buy This Kilowog Costume (Hal Jordan Not Included)

Really what's for sale here is a muscle suit for you to use for your own cosplay adventures because the person selling it even makes recommendations of other characters it would be perfect for. It just happens to come with a Kilowog costume and some other Kilowog related merch. Here's the full listing:

Asking $2,000 (the muscle suit alone now retails for $2,500). That includes the giant muscle suit (usable for any number of “larger than life” characters- Bane, Juggernaut, Colossus, Hulk, Darkseid, etc), the custom sculpted latex mask, the Green Lantern bodysuit, giant GL ring (with working LEDs), fully posable hands, and giant (7-8”) boots. I’ll even throw in my silver GL ring and DC Direct Kilowog figure for free.

I don't know that's a lot of cheddar to commit to a character... or a used muscle suit. So... any takers?





Via Fashionably Geek