Gotham Bunnies Cosplay, Now Have A Good Day

Kudos ladies, kudos. This is pretty awesome. There are cosplay teams now? Why isn't this a bigger deal? It's like a troop! Fuck, I could pitch so many ideas to them. This troop (I'm calling them that) is called Skirts and Swords. Not a terribly original name, but if I was helping on these troops I could fix that. Photos were taken by Greg De Stefano, again Kudos! gotham_bunnies_02 gotham_bunnies_03 gotham_bunnies_04 gotham_bunnies_05 gotham_bunnies_06 gotham_bunnies_07 gotham_bunnies_08 gotham_bunnies_09 gotham_bunnies_10 gotham_bunnies_11 gotham_bunnies_12 gotham_bunnies_13 gotham_bunnies_14 gotham_bunnies_15 gotham_bunnies_16 gotham_bunnies_17 gotham_bunnies_18 gotham_bunnies_19 gotham_bunnies_20