Gotta Capture Them All! An Interview With Frank Gibson

I had the chance to talk to Frank Gibson the writer and co-creator of Capture Creatures, a new series coming from KaBOOM! in November. You may recall these awesome teasers that BOOM! released (Teaser 1, Teaser 2, Teaser 3) pretty cool right? Well's let's talk to Frank about the series!

DUSTIN CABEAL: What’s the journey been like for Capture Creatures? To start as concept art and then become a comic book must be pretty exciting?

FRANK GIBSON: Capture Creatures has always been a passion project. The original hardcover compendium of creatures took two years and a bunch of money (thanks, Kickstarter backers!) to make it happen, while we toiled away on other projects. When BOOM! came to us and asked if we had an idea for a Capture Creatures book, we were naturally delighted as we always had a story in mind and it meant these creatures could be a bigger part of our lives.

CAPTURE CREATURES#1 Main Cover by Becky DreistadtDC: Can you tell our readers a little about the story and what to expect from the first story arc?

FG: We're starting right at the beginning with a couple of teens discovering their first creature, but the first arc reveals a lot about the world they live in and how it differs significantly from our own.

DC: With Capture Creatures being Pokemon inspired, what’s the big difference between the two that’s going to make Capture Creatures stand on its own?

FG: Each cataclysmic event will present lasting change for the characters and the world. There is no return to stasis. We're also exploring the characters of the creatures themselves. Also, there's this big fun world that we get to play in and I want to show off as much of it as possible. I feel like we can go a lot bigger with the impact that the creatures have on the world, as well as the process of the world adapting to their presence.

DC: How long did it take to create the creatures and what was that process like? I ask because there are some visually clever creatures that caught my eye during the original announcement.

FG: It's pretty organic, Becky usually starts with an interesting animal—we tried to find a lot of animals that people may not have seen or heard about before—then we start twisting them into fantasy creatures. There's a lot of folk art, both Eastern and European, influence in their designs. Then Becky would bring them to me without names and I'd think of them, write little stories about them and send them off into the world!

DC: How many Creatures will we see in the first arc?

FG: There are a few main creatures we focus on in particular, but I think we can get through a third of them!

DC: What’s the collaborative process like between you two and how long have you been working together?


FG: We've known each other for around a decade and lived together for about six years. During that time, we've worked full-time on projects together. Sometimes it starts with art. In the case of the original Capture Creatures illustrations, this time it started with writing. Becky definitely gives me a lot of guidance with the story.

DC: If you could be any Capture Creature which one would you be and why?

FG: I was having trouble with this one, so I asked Becky: She said Paletile: It's a little turtle that can paint. It's basically her.

Well there you have it. A big thank you to Frank Gibson for taking the time to talk with me and be sure to check out Frank and Becky's Capture Creatures when it releases in November which gives you plenty of time to pre-order the issue.