Grant Theft Auto V Breaks Records... Duh

I always like the idea of a GTA, but they are very long fucking games. To the point that I just stop caring. Though there does seem to be elements of Shenmue in the game in which you can basically spend all day interacting with random stuff. At any rate the game broke one day records with its release and brought in 800 million. Which is good since it also holds the record for the most expensive game ever made. Maybe if they hadn't spent so much money on getting real rappers to record tracks it would have been cheaper, but Rockstar doesn't skimp on the product! Now for some perspective! The previous record holder was Black Ops II which took in 500 million on the first day. The third highest grossing film of the year Man of Steel, has only brought in $662 million and is basically at the end of its shelf life. Now it hasn't cracked a billion like Iron Man 3 and even Despicable Me 2 is a head of the game with $820 million, but I think it's safe to say that this game will make a billion by the end of the year and then some when DLC begins coming out. Enjoy it because it'll be another five to ten years before we see another one.