Group Review: Bee and PuppyCat #1

You know what a group review means around here… oh you don’t? Okay well let me explain, each of the participating writers of Comic Bastards is going to write their opinion of the issue and give it a score. Before we begin here’s what the issue is about from Boom Studios: It's a quirky new take on the magical girl genre with Bee, the forever unemployed main character who can't seem to figure out life, and the mysterious PuppyCat, a stray... whatever it is, that she stumbled across who has a powerful secret. Fighting bad guys has never been so funny.


Dustin: 3/5

For the most part I really enjoyed this issue. I thought the main story was quite funny and captured the humor of the six minute youtube video on Cartoon Hangover. But therein lies the problem though, if you haven’t watched that video at least twice then this entire story will just come off as weird and frankly won’t do an amazing job of introducing the world to you. It’s still introduces the world, but it certainly helps to have seen the cartoon first.

I also enjoyed the second story as it captured more of PuppyCat’s personality with him picking fights. It was freaking funny and since it tied into the premiere cartoon I liked it even more. There is a “but” though and it is that I don’t feel the second story was at all necessary. The first story isn’t very long and really ends just as its getting started so going into a second story was actually annoying. It’s like if you have the pages… why not use them on the main story? I mean I get it, it’s the style that Boom has developed and in a way it keeps the story from moving ahead faster than the cartoon, but also allows the creator to keep up with the monthly pace with a smaller page count. I’m still not a fan of it and think that that audience will grow tired of it eventually when they just want to read an entire issue of one story.

Even still I had a fun time reading Bee and PuppyCat and the art alone would receive a high rating from me.


Erik: 3/5

From the research that I've done on this series, I've discovered two things. One: it’s one of the most successful Kickstarter projects ever. Two: the art is a little infectious. I’ve never been okay with so much pink. Reading this kind of reminded me of the time that I gave My Little Pony a chance. I’m sorry to say that I wasn’t able to jump on the Brony bandwagon, though. Anyway, I totally see the appeal with this book. Unfortunately, I am way more impressed with its rise to its current stature than I am with the book itself. I’m not saying that I disliked it, however. One thing that I will mention, is that you might want to pick this up for more than just to give it a read. I foresee owning a print copy of this comic becoming very difficult in the near future. You might want to jump in and grab one fast.

I am really only confused about one thing, the fanbase. This is being published by KaBoom, Boom! Studios’s all ages imprint, but I don’t really see kids understanding what this book is all about. I was even having a hard time following it. It was cute to look at. Could that possibly be all there is to it? It honestly feels like a psychedelic acid trip through the mind of a ten year old girl. Say no to drugs, kids. At least while you’re ten.


Samantha: 2/5

Seriously how can you not love this cover. I mean it has cotton candy colors, a cute little girl, and a PuppyCat delivering mail. Shit man, you can’t help but be happy! And that is about the extent of my love for this comic. After the cover this comic takes a turn. I am going to go on a big leap and say I don’t understand all this Adventure Time stuff. Maybe I am alone in this world, but I try to understand. In giving this comic an impartial read, I still don’t get what the excitement of it is. Now, I have watched many Adventure Time-like shows but never Bee and PuppyCat. It didn’t occur to me that the story line would be so vague as I had to look up what the hell was going on. I got the gist of the plot, but then I was even more frustrated when the comic ended before it even began.

I like the whimsical look of Bee and PuppyCat. I think it draws a lot off of anime and of course there is a sarcastic cat who clearly has Japanese roots. Beyond the surface though of the art, what does this comic offer? I would love for my old time Hey Arnold! and Recess shows to come back instead of this popular new installment.

Writers: Natasha Allegri, Garrett Jackson, Madeleine Flores Artists: Natasha Allegri, Madeleine Flores Publisher: KaBoom/Boom Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 5/14/14 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital