Group Review: Infinity #6

This is the second ongoing group review that’s ending this week so let’s just dig right into it! Each of the writers/reviews of Comic Bastards will give the issue a score of: Buy, Borrow or Pass along with a short reason for the score. Here’s a blurb about the issue from Marvel before we begin: All roads lead to this! The over-sized conclusion of the Marvel Summer event! The heroes of Earth versus the forces of Thanos!

(That’s the longest description they’ve given for an issue yet!)

Steve: BUY

How do I feel about the final Infinity (which is a delicious oxymoron)? Well, I think Hickman himself sums it up nicely in his other Marvel book this week, New Avengers #12, in which one of his characters says, “It had the appearance of finality ... but it lacked the effect.” I should qualify that by saying I still loved the entirety of this series, and this issue in particular had gobs of beautiful action, pronged throughout many avenues of conflict, great villainous and heroic grandstanding, some fantastic character moments and some rather exceptional battle chatter. Speaking of which, is it just me or has Thanos been lifting? I mean, I know he’s cosmic-level, but even without the Infinity Gauntlet he totally handled Thor, Hyperion, Hulk and Captain Marvel like a bunch of sissies. Even though that seemed a bit off to me, watching them go at it was a visual treat.

The art, at least in the beginning, is how I want every single superhero book to look. When the earthbound Avengers team gets off that ship, looking dragged and beaten through hell, it’s properly inspiring. Some of the backgrounds at the end of the issue look slightly rushed, but for the most part, this entire thing is g’damn gorgeous. In the end, Infinity #6 had an all-too-tidy wrap-up that too closely mirrors Thanos’ fate in Jim Starlin's Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2, which felt not just like a rehash, but also a pretty forced way of making Thane look badass. On the other hand, the end does set up at least six or seven separate stories, which will definitely lead the Avengers family of books. I’m not sure if this is the satisfying culmination we wanted from this miniseries, but I think it still deserves a buy for amazing art, a raucous story and a decent end to an event I’ve enjoyed thoroughly.


Personally, I think this issue did a decent job of tying up the story.  It was a bit anti-climactic, as I was ready for Thanos to kill his son Thane.  That said, the book did a good job of keeping my interest the whole time-even though I’m pretty prone to whiplash with these event series due to the pace and story they try to convey in such a short time.  I also loved the art and the action sequences were great (lots of explosions which is always rad).  I can’t say I’d honestly buy this issue even though I was impressed by it just because I feel like these things are an unnecessary marketing scheme.  If I followed some of the books that these tie in with, I would’ve bought it so I’ll give this issue a “borrow”.

Infinity #6 Cover

Samantha: BUY

I found this issue to be entertaining. The action is all over the place. Sometimes it was good, and other times it was literally all over the place not making much sense. Like with Dr. Strange’s first strike, we don’t see what the first strike was. It was weird and not thought out well enough. Other points were cool and visually entertaining. Thanos had some good scenes which was nice to see considering that is exactly what the audience wanted.

The issue, with most Marvel endings, felt rush, but at least we were getting to some good endings and some game changes in the Marvel world. So the rush thing didn’t bother me. I feel like Marvel is having annoying marketing skills with this whole Inhumans story arc, but I can’t help but get excited. I liked how their whole story ended, and am wondering where we will go with Black Bolt.

After Age of Ultron, Marvel had nowhere to go but up, but I think this story was done with way more class. It showed amazingly cool art, and keeps a cohesive story intact. So hopefully they can move in the more Infinity direction instead of the used toilet paper direction.

Dustin: PASS

I know that a lot of the story has been played out in Avengers and New Avengers, but I also believe that once again Marvel said that you could read just Infinity and not be lost on the story. Well that was true until this issue. There’s a significant jump in the story for the last issue to this issue and frankly I feel cheated. I’m not reading the previously mentioned series because this series only moderately interested me to begin with. The fact that I was given the “payoff” issue without anything to lead up to it feels like sloppy storytelling. Also the “let’s set up the next five storylines” ending made me want to re-watch Mario Bros. The Movie because while that film was set up for a sequel instantly, I at least know that one never happened. Sadly I’m interested in Infinity, but wish that it was more like Dark Reign and just affected the entire Marvel U. rather than being an event book with no point.

James: BUY

I am not a huge Marvel guy anymore, only reading a title here or there. That being said, I have missed the bulk of the entire Infinity mega crossover event. I entered into #6 completely green not knowing anything of the events going on in the Infinity title, The Avengers or the New Avengers. So going in like that, what would a neophyte such as I say about this wrap up title?

BUY IT!!! It is epic. Just looking at the cover told me that (Loved the Iwo Jima silhouette look). Once I opened the pages, the good folks at Marvel were nice enough to provide me with lots of background information (cast of characters, etc.) as well as a nice "previously on..." panel page...For even someone like me who hasn't followed it at all, I got it and I didn't feel at all lost during the whole reading.

The Universe has been saved, so all attention in #6 returns back to Earth which looks to be doomed. Thanos is beginning his wrap up of destruction and will not be denied. He even smiles one time here. It is a creepy smile, but Thanos didn't earn his rep. as the smiling guy. He and his fellow baddies deliver in their evilness here.

The cast of characters is expansive, but as you read this title you know how the term "Earth's mightiest heroes" was earned. I loved the action. I loved the story. And, I loved all the great artwork which took a small army of pencillers, inkers, and color people. They did a spectacular job as lots of ground was covered, addressed, and wrapped up (?).

After reading this, I have decided that I am going to go back now and see how everything got to where it got up to thus issue. Now if that's not a sign that I liked it, I don't know what is. It was good. My regret now is that I did almost let this one slip away.

Score: 3 Buys, a Borrow and a Pass

Writer: Jonathan Hickman Artists: Jim Cheung and Dustin Weaver Publisher: Marvel Comics Price: $5.99 Release Date: 11/27/13