My Top Rack: Ginny from Pretty Deadly

When I read the first page of Pretty Deadly #1 last month, I was reminded of a time long, long (way too long) ago in the early 80's. I was a tween and invited to watch the first Friday the 13th movie. The movie itself was horrible, but there was one scene at the very end that not only freaked me out, but it came so out of nowhere that I still remember it to this day I’m not going to give out the spoiler (to the three or four people who haven’t seen it), but I will just say that I was in a place of peace and tranquility that was interrupted by the most unexpected, horrific, and awesome event that made that movie memorable. Cut to my first reading of Pretty Deadly #1 and that feeling hit me once again. And I must say that it is just as powerful in my older, wiser (at least, I would hope wiser?) mind as it was as an impressionable youth. Now I am at Issue #2 and nothing has changed  Pretty Deadly is part gritty wild west drama in the Sergio Leone film style, part gory over the top Japanese “pinky violence” movie, part gothic fairy tale, all mashed up to one hybrid of spectacular comic reading entertainment.  All of the story builds onto the character that is the object of My Top Rack column here....Ginny, Death's Daughter. It is the characterization of Ginny that beckons me back to those feelings of peace, interrupted by sheer terror moments.

During Pretty Deadly, we are introduced to the legend/reality of Ginny who can be called upon to reap vengeance on those who have sinned and in this particular wild west saga, there are lots of sinners out there. Ginny is more than capable of taking care of business, quite brutally I might add.

2013-11-30 00.42.12

Both issues of Pretty Deadly are a storm of perfection laid out with impressive artwork by Emma Rios, powerful coloring and lettering by Jordie Bellaire and Clayton Coweles respectively, and an added almost movie like editing style by Sigrid Ellis.  All these elements are tied in by the commanding story script of Kelly Sue DeConnick, making for an impressive and stylish character creation that I view as groundbreaking in comics. I simply have not seen her before. Ginny is one hardcore lady. In issue #2 just released, we get to see how hardcore she is as she wipes out a gang of baddies and goes toe to toe with Big Alice, a pretty bad lady in her own right. The fight sequence in #2 is unbelievable, violent, and satisfying. Ginny kicks ass and you best get out of her way or run away if she is near. It might just be your head that rolls away from your body.

There are so many images in the two issues that will resonate in your head after reading the story, that you may find yourself reading them a second, third, or even fourth time (I know I did). They are that rich.  From the gritty close-ups of the characters to the quick and rapid flow of the plot, all the way to the sheer poetry of the writing. It is good, and Ginny is "bad". She exhibits a steely beauty to a harsh and cruel west that is laid out before her.

2013-11-30 00.43.01

Judging from the successful sales numbers that have happened from #1, it appears there is a lot of hype surrounding Ms. Ginny. I can say that the hype is definitely merited. Ginny is definitely one character that will reside in your dreams/nightmares after you read of her exploits.