Group Review: TMNT #24 – “City Fall” Part 3

We plan on covering the entire “City Fall” storyline as a group review so hopefully you’re keeping up with them. If this is your first group review then this is how it works; each of the writers/reviewers of Comic Bastards will give the book a score of either: Buy, Borrow or Pass along with a reason for their score. Of course we’ll kick off with a brief synopsis of the issue straight from IDW: “CITY FALL” part 3: With the hunt on for Leonardo, the remaining Turtles take whatever help they can get... but can they trust a truce with Old Hob?! A startling climax will change the Turtles forever!

Eric: Buy

I’ll ask one question: if you haven’t picked this series up WHY? Yes it that’s good. Its action packed and hell I’m back to being a kid again. Where are my figures?  I love this story; it moved quickly and has plenty of action.  Once I reached the end I was like you can’t stop there, but it was a fitting end for the issues. There is just grace and power in the art as it jumps off the page. The story goes for a big push only highlighting what we have been waiting for (Leo).  I’ll just stop there and say by two, one for you and one for your friend who may still hate the Turtles so you can win them over.

Jordan: Borrow

TMNT is nothing short of a good time. No it’s not at the forefront of comic storytelling or even artwork for that matter but it certainly is a jack of all trades. I’m never disappointed and now as things escalate in the “City Fall” storyline tensions are higher than ever before. “Dark Leo” is the big reveal in issue 24 and while the whole 'brain wash' angle is tried and true, it still got me amped up to see some Turtle vs. Turtle action (plus Leonardo kicks Splinter in the face, which alone is worth a purchase.) The Turtles never claim to open your mind to new narrative possibilities, make you see the world in a new way, make you think, but they do promise a kick ass good time and in that they never let me down.

TMNT24-pr-1Samantha: Buy

I know we have seen Leo’s outfit before but the new costume is intriguing. Very dark and I like how he has all this crap on him. It shows that the Turtles are simplistic ninjas while the Foot Clan must rely on other measures because they aren’t as good.

There are going to be some pretty epic battles coming up between these brothers. I could see Raph going crazy against Leo or him almost backing down showing his more sympathetic side. Clearly, Raph will have to take on Leo because Splinter will be fighting Shedder. The others will be busy dealing with the Foot.

I love when the good guys team up with the not so bad guys too. I think that always leads to a dynamic story. Old Hob and the Turtles are going to have to fight together. Also, what gets me excited about this arc is that it will forever change the comic. Nothing will be the same with Leo. He will have to deal with hate from both sides but mostly from himself.

Carl: Borrow

Last issue I reviewed earned a BUY IT rating because the book had some great action and fun pumped into it.  I also enjoyed the artistic choices when it came to the Leonardo brainwashing sequences. This issue picks back up with the Turtles forming an alliance with Old Hob in hopes of finding Leo.  Also, Shredder’s attack has left Casey Jones in the hospital with some nasty boo-boo’s.

Casey awakes too late and too wounded to help.  While Hob and Slash bring the good guys to the Foot Clan hideout, a whole series of betrayals leads to one big trap for the terrapins. The story’s pacing could have used some tweaking.  The action takes some getting to, but once it happens, it happens.  Additionally, I think Slash’s homage to Chunk from The Goonies worked too conveniently as a plot device.

The artwork maintains an excellent level.  This is the first time that the illustrations make the Turtles look like teenagers.  Good overall use of the pencils on this issue. Overall, this is a BORROW.  I found the story to be a good middle point, but not a great one.  TMNT, in its revival, works as well as the Valiant titles.

TMNT24-pr-2Kevin: Buy

This issue of TMNT lets the reader take a bit of a breather and soak up all the madness that has happened so far. Unfortunately it slows things down a little too much. Sure we need to see how Casey is doing after his ass beating but the Hob interaction was rough on the pacing. Agreed, that the Turtles are desperate and emotionally vested in this mission but that don’t mean their stupid by running in without a plan, especially one based off of Intel for Hob’s devious ass. That nitpick aside, the reveal of a “Brainwasher Leo” is clearly the meat and potatoes of the issue and it works really well. Overall, City Fall is slowly making its claim in being one of the best TMNT arcs ever in my eyes and I don’t read Ninja Turtles.

Dustin: Buy

I really enjoyed this issue. Old Hob was a nasty fucker just like I expected, but I absolutely love new Slash. He’s totally just Rahzar from TMNT II and I’m okay with that. New Leo aka Dark Leo was awesome. The way he threw back his head wrap and then tooled all of the Turtles as if Splinter had been holding him back was incredible. Also I think Karai might turn to the Turtles’ side as the story continues.

There isn’t a lot that happens in this issue, but it does serve to knock the characters down on their hero journey. They’re left with tough choices and one of those choices is going to be who to ally themselves with in order to defeat the Shredder. Also, I’m hoping that they’re weapons are improved. The fact that Leo could disarm them all with his new tools kind of shows how dated their formula is and it would add a new layer to the Turtles. My one and only gripe is that Donnie’s eye wrap is too dark and occasionally look Blue, I doubt anyone would complain if it was powder purple.

Connor: Buy

Things are stepping up pretty intensely and there is a pretty cool reveal too (apparently IDW have been working towards it for a while). This is some pretty cool turtle stuff, actions is sweet and the art looks good too. I recommend to buy this for any fans of the Turtles, though if you are reading it, you probably already are. My favourite cover is the B variant Kevin Eastman.

Score: 5 Buys and 2 Borrows

Story: Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow & Tom Waltz

Script: Tom Waltz

Artist: Mateus Santolouco

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 7/24/13