Review: Lazarus #2

It’s not every family meeting where you decide upon war against another family, your sister grabs your brother’s balls and throws him down, and a full-on body scan of your protector happens. What does happen in a family meeting though; secrets are being fought about and favorites are being picked. Exactly why Lazarus has the best of both worlds. It deals with real family shit piled on top of crazy power over the country. It isn’t the newest thing I have seen, but I am starting to grow on this comic because I don’t see it changing; only the reader should change to enjoy it. The Carlyles resort to a family meeting in order to learn about the attack that just happened and also decide what to do about it. They know it was the Morray family that did the attack. The father seems suspicious but so do all the other characters. Behind closed doors Stephen admits to Jonah that he knows what Jonah is up to while Beth and Jonah fight about telling Forever where she really came from. I think this comic is trying to store us up for some crazy shit. I also think we have no idea what that shit is, so I am not even going to try to guess. I will sit back and let the action take place with no expectations. It is nice not having to think about the next step. Here we can just read and be truly shocked.

lazarus2The most surprising situation that happens though is the one we don’t see. Forever and her father discuss the attack behind close doors. A plan is being made and we have no idea what that plan is. We get to see the first part of the conversation. Forever tells him of how she killed that old man, in the last issue, knowing he was innocent. Not only was her father disappointed but he seemed to actually care for his slaves. Now I am confused as to whether this is all an act or if he really does have some sympathy for his workers. The story begins and then it ends. No real plot changes happen. Although the ending will no doubt keep readers into the third issue. I think after some starter issues the comic is really going to start plowing down their points.

I like the art and its dark shadows but it is a little too boring for me. With an action comic you expect some vibrant art, however they interpret that. With Lazarus I find myself disappointed and almost bored with the pictures.

Ok after a maybe confusing review, Lazarus is starting to show that it is one of those comics you have to read now or you will never read it. You can’t just jump into the middle. So I would say pick this one up to see if you enjoy the intro. I think you will find that you have mixed feelings like I do.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Greg Rucka

Artist: Michael Lark

Publisher: Image Comics

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 7/24/13