Halloween Costume Impersonators Get Into Turf Fight On Hollywood Blvd.

Let me start by saying that the video player for this clip sucks and I had to watch a Lean Cuisine commercial in Spanish three times. Any ways, I'm going to take an angle on this that you're probably not going to see coming. Shut them down and get rid of this tourist "attraction."

Let me tell you, as someone how lives in L.A. these guys suck to deal with and as a comic fan I hate them. Very few of them, and I mean fucking few, actually have any interest in the comic books and none of them put any effort into their costumes. They used to, but now it's basically just asshole in Halloween costumes begging for money. I'm glad this happened and I hope that my fights break out so that the city actually shuts it down this time. The "Blvd" is crowded and annoying as it is and taking away the jerks in poorly made costumes isn't going to stop it from being a tourist attraction. Video after the jump.

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