Here Are The 6 Covers For Kick-Ass 3 Issue #1


I'm a fan of this comic series and it please me to see that Miller is doing it justice by finally wrapping everything up in KA 3! Dave Lizewski, aka Kick-Ass, by John Romita Jr., Tom Palmer and Dean White. Kick-Ass co-creator Mark Millar is coy about his chances of survival: “This is where Dave Lizewski's story concludes ... in the most natural way you can imagine for a guy who isn't bulletproof.”

"The whole series concludes with Kick-Ass 3 as every character has his or her story tied up, and I've no plans to ever write them beyond this final volume,” Millar tells Heat VisionOh shit son, this is going to be good! The six-issue miniseries kicks off in May 2013!! Peep all of the covers by different artist after the jump!

Hit-Girl by Adam Hughes.

  Dr. Gravity and Insect Man by Pasqual Ferry.

Colonel Stars by Marc Silvestri and Sunny Cho.

Battle Guy and Night Bitch by Cully Hamner.

Eisenhower the dog by Adam Kubert.