Here's A Look At SyFy's Heroes of Cosplay... Get Ready For Forced Drama After watching that I bet you were wondering, "Is all of the drama of the show going to hinge on them finishing the costumes we know they already made?" and the answer is yes. This idea looks like it was born out of the Morgan Spurlock film about Comic Con and following Holly and her Mass Effect costume. I say that because she's in this as well and it pretty much looks like all the same things that she went through. Monkia Lee is the only person I really cared about seeing and they never showed her talking. Also the main woman who cosplay's as everything and was on King of the Geeks... yeah I'm tired of her. Clearly there is some sponsorship or something because she has a shit ton of costumes. I don't want to hate on it, but this did not excite me... quite the opposite actually.

Via io9