Hong Kong McDonald's Have Justice League Themed Burgers... Starting With Batman

That's right, right now in Hong Kong (the only place outside of the country I've traveled) you can go into a McDonald's and get a fucking Batman burger. Why can't you do that here... no fucking clue. None. Oh hey America you love that fucking Gotham show and just anything Batman in general, plus our stock is dropping and people are starting to hate our food... well no fucking Batman burger for you! To be completely honest, that is not a burger I would ever order... but it's a fucking Batman burger so of course I would try it. I mean... it's Batman on a burger.

Squeezy Cheese Fries and Sparkling Green Apple Tea

From the website it looks like there's a Superman, Flash and Green Lantern burger planned as well. I would eat the shit out of the Green Lantern burger and I can't wait to see what it turns out to be. If you want to see what the fries and the drink, that are somehow related to the burger, look in the wild you can check it out here... it doesn't look half bad.