I.C.E. and King Bone Press' Sketch Drive!

You may remember I.C.E. the show that was for indie creators that ran during C2E2 this year? We were a sponsor and all and well the even was successful, but the bill was a bit higher than anticipated. Rather than asking for a handout though they're raising funds another way so check out the details below on the sweet swag you can get while helping them out. Win, win!

Well, ICE is over and we had a blast! Thank you to everyone who came out, supported, reposted, talked about or even thought about ICE. We could not have predicted the support we would get for our first show. Special thanks to Adam Warrock, Mega Ran and Chochise Soulstar for absolutely dominating the stage(or the floor in Chochise’s case). Also, we could not have done the show without the backing of SWEETS SO GEEK, COMIC BASTARDS, HAG’S HENCHMEN(WEBCOMIC), MIGHTY INK AND DISCOUNT COMICBOOK SERVICE. And a final thanks to Reggie’s for hosting an amazing event for some novice showrunners. Pics are up on our facebook event page.


KBPressSketchDriveNow the difficult part…

We messed up! We are a bunch of comic creators and ex-musicians who thought we could put together a great show at a great bar and change the game. Well, in most of those aspects we succeeded. We made decisions with our hearts  and went forward knowing we would not make a dime off this show and we were ok with that. Until we got the bill. We made some crucial mistakes and financially, we are in a a big hole. I’ll cut to the chase and prefice this by saying—WE ARE NOT A CHARITY. You people give so much to us and we hope we return your kindness with great product. That is what we aim to do now and moving forward.


We are hosting a sketch drive and sale to recoup some of our costs from ICE. So, if you wanted a sketch, an ICE t-shirt or an ICE bottle opener and magnet set…ORDER UP! Free shipping on sketches(US only, sorry). AND EVERYTHING IS ON SALE IN OUR STORE!!!!!

That’s all there is too it. Ray Wegner, Bobgar Ornelas and Felipe Anguiano are willing to knock out some great commisions at great prices. If we can sell some sketches and a few dozen shirts, we can make it work. If you are unable to purchase something, please spread the word.  Click here or visit our store link above.

Once again we thank you.

-Jon/Team ICE