If You Search For Aquaman You're Bound To Get Malware

Ah Aquaman... I don't see this character not being a the butt of a joke for a very long time. McAfee released a list of superheroes that when searched provide the greatest potential of Malware... kind of fucked up if you're a comic book site, but still funny! The top of the list... Aquaman. Fucking dude can't catch a break. Here's the full list in case you're curious. Also, I wonder how many site had to search for Aquaman in order to get an image for this story? Not me, you'll notice that it's a repeat image (but a goodie).

Aquaman 18.60%

Mr. Fantastic 18.22%

The Hulk 17.30%

Wonder Woman 16.77%

Daredevil 16.70%

Iron Man 15.63%

Superman 15.21%

Thor 15.10%

Green Lantern 15.00%

Cyclops 14.40%

Wolverine 14.27%

Invisible Woman 12.40%

Batman 12.30%

Captain America 11.77%

Spider-Man 11.15%

Via Neatorama