IndieGameStand Staff Picks Sale - Up To 50% Off On Six Titles

IndieGameStand is having a Staff Picks sale in which they've selected six of their favorite titles to receive a special discount. You can check out the titles available below and then head to IndieGameStand to pick them up. From IndieGameStand:

Teslagrad - Beautifully handdrawn puzzle platformer, just look at the pictures and you'll see what we mean.

Gnomoria - Gnomoria was one of our earliest successes when we first launched the site and the reasons why are obvious. It's a homage to Dwarf Fortress but features Gnomes and different features and graphics, making a lot more approachable then the infamous free game that inspired it.

Tri - Tri is an experimental first person puzzle exploration game still in development. It offers a unique experience and experimental gameplay mechanics from a very indie team of just 2 people. Let's greenlight this son!

Vox - Vox is incredible because it is truly whatever game you want it to be. It is insanely customizable and introduces adventure and RPG elements to the popular voxel graphics genre. Vox is still in development and has a ton of potential.

Sky Nations - Sky Nations takes the popular Minecraft Genre and throws in air ships, floating worlds, and more to create an entirely different experience.

QuestRun - QuestRun is all the RPG without the fuss and grind. We love the fast-paced new take on the RPG genre and it doesn't hurt that the graphics are gorgeous.

You can visit to see the sale and the countdown. Thanks for helping us support indie games!