IndieGoGo: Vile: The Legend of Thunder Valley

I like me some Western comics and Vile: The Legend of Thunder Valley looks pretty interesting. We've got a preview of the issue that the team is currently looking to fund over on IndieGoGo so check that out first of all since it'll say more about the book than I can. For those still needing more info here you go:

Vile Tells the tale of Hard-Pants, a young Native American mother trying to live her life in a brutal world. Her life is interrupted when the serial killer "Vile" Clem Stlyes wipes out her tribe, and kidnaps her. Clem Styles renames her and attempts to break her spirit. What will she do? What can she do? The murderer Clem Styles is kept alive by several curse-spirits that ensure that only a fitting and horrible death will suit Clem Styles because of the nature of his crimes. Will Hard Pants escape? Will she be the one to bring an end to "Vile" Clem Styles' killing?

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