Interview: Creators of Man vs. Rock

You've read Man vs. Rock right? I mean you should have because it was my pick for Best Indie book of 2014! Today we have an interview with creators Victor DeTroy & Kevin Bieber. Usually I would wait until the end to tell you were to grab the book, but since I already brought it up and I really don't want you all to miss it, here's the info: - Comixology, - Amazon, - Scribd, - or your local comic shop

Also check them out at WonderCon this weekend!

MvR ad marchDUSTIN: Man vs. Rock… where the hell did this idea come from and what’s your goal with the story?

KEVIN & VICTOR: The story behind Man vs. Rock is pretty simple:  One day, the angel Moroni visited us in our sleep and told us to find some Golden Plates behind the Denny's next door.  After three delicious Grand Slams and some Jalapeno Poppers, we found the golden plates.  It was clear that the words transcribed on the plates were divine and beyond human comprehension.  Moroni then translated the words of the golden plates to us, and returned to the cardboard box he slept in.  After writing his godly wisdom down, the BOOK OF MAN VS. ROCK was born.

Like most legitimate artists, our goal for Man vs. Rock is to sell-out to Hollywood as quickly as we can.  Since America hasn't seen a decent movie since Kevin Smith died, we think the time is right for Man vs. Rock.

DUSTIN: How long do you see Man vs. Rock running for?

KEVIN & VICTOR: Since we're direct competitors with Marvel and DC, we're committed to pumping out issues until MvR runs both Marvel and DC out of business.  If Marvel and DC are afraid of the sharks, they should have stayed out of the ocean.

DUSTIN: How did the creative team come together for this series and what’s the story process like? I can only imagine how long it takes to put a story together with all the jokes that are being cut out?

KEVIN & VICTOR: We met on a Home Improvement fan fiction website.  Victor liked writing fan fiction about Randy, Kevin liked writing about Tim and Al, and you know what they say ... opposites attract!  Coming from a prestigious Home Improvement fan fiction background, we thought it would be a natural (though less lucrative) step to write an independent comic book together.

Then we found Jared on Craigslist while trying to find a prostitut- I mean Bible study group.

DUSTIN: What’s your comedic influences for the series?

KEVIN & VICTOR: Mainly ourselves.  We don't like to give anyone credit even though we stole every joke from Garfield.

Seriously, though, there'd be no Man vs. Rock without Trey Parker and Matt Stone ... so sue them.

Preview of Man vs. Rock - Book 4

DUSTIN: I’m sure there’s some deeper social commentary that I’m missing during all the laughter care to elaborate on any?

KEVIN & VICTOR: Absolutely!  At Man vs. Rock, we're deeply concerned with the monopoly Native Americans have over casinos.  It's ridiculously unfair that we have to go all the way to Las Vegas or Atlantic City to gamble at a non-Indian casino and, as white males, do not understand what we did to deserve this.

DUSTIN: How much rock research was done for this series and how real is the threat they pose?

KEVIN & VICTOR: Believe it or not, we studied harder for Man vs. Rock than anything since before we dropped out of the fourth grade.  So yeah, I'd say we did some pretty extensive research.  As for how real a threat rocks are, think about every tragedy in mankind's history - Pearl Harbor, Pompeii, every VMA Awards Show - It is indisputable that during every single one of those tragedies there was a filthy, dirt-sucking rock close by.  You can learn more about it in our new documentary - A Convenient Lie - How Rocks Framed Ray Rice And Why Suge Knight is Our Only Hope.

So yeah ... I'd say rocks are pretty big threat.

Michael Bay MvRDUSTIN: If you had to be one type of rock (assuming our new rock overlords let you live and pick) what would it be?


The Rock Poster

The Rock

A big thank you to Kevin and Victor for talking with me and be sure to see them a Wonder Con this weekend April 3-5th and check out for more info.

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