Iron Jock: Iron Man 3 Posters by Jock That Are, and Those That Might Have Been

During my recent MEFCC interview with Jock, the talented artist of The Losers and Snapshot, he mentioned that he would be producing posters for the third installment in the cinematic adventures of Iron Man, but that it was a bit too early to announce. Wanting to keep the surprise, I swore myself to secrecy under pain of … well, nothing, Jock’s a really nice guy, actually. I just said I’d keep my yap shut.

Here they are now, though. The first image is the official poster that will be handed out at the midnight premiere of the IMAX show, while the others are ones that, for one reason or another, didn't make the final cut.

I personally think the one they chose is pretty damn sick, but it doesn't scream Jock to me. I prefer the ones that do, particularly those that show a flock of Iron Men blasting horizontally across the poster. I also dig the one with all of the armors bearing down on Tony.

But hey, that’s just me, what the hell do you Bastards think?