It Was Ms. Scarlett, In The Study, With The Atom Paperweight...

Seriously if you buy these then your spouse has ever right to kill you with it and then get away with your murder because all they would have to say is, "Well he bought an Atom, Arrow and Flash paperweight, but I ain't never seen that mother fucker have a stack of paper worth keeping down."

Here's some real info on these gems of the Nile.

From Diamond Comics:

Organize your workspace with new PREVIEWS exclusive paperweights featuring popular DC Comics heroes from The Flash and Arrow TV series. Created by Icon Heroes, these hand-painted, high quality resin statues are available to order from the August PREVIEWS and are sure to save your office from being ordinary. The paperweights are scheduled to release in comic book specialty shops in late November 2015.

Keep your papers from flying away next time a superhero races through your office with the collectible Flash statue paperweight. Featuring the likeness of actor Grant Gustin from the CW’s sensational breakout hit, this paperweight features the Scarlet Speedster in motion, getting ready to take off to save the day again.

The Arrow statue paperweight will certainly hit the mark for Arrow fans. Featuring Oliver Queen’s costume from the first season of the hit TV show when he was just known as the “Hood,” this paperweight is painstakingly modeled after Stephen Amell and is well-equipped to pin your papers into place.

Finally, fans will love feeling their clutter shrink with the Atom statue paperweight. Modeled off of Brandon Routh’s portrayal of the Silver Age hero Ray Palmer in both The Flash and Arrow, this paperweight would be perfect for fans eagerly anticipating the upcoming show DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

  • Flash TV Statue Paperweight (Item Code: AUG152807, SRP: $50)
  • Arrow TV Season 1 Statue Paperweight (Item Code: AUG152809, SRP: $50)
  • Atom Statue Paperweight (Item Code: AUG152810, SRP: $50)

Each statue paperweight is exclusive to comic book specialty shops and available to pre-order at any comic shop from page 598 of the August PREVIEWS catalog. Find a shop at