It's Halloween... Put Your Pet In A Costume Already Would You

After taking an internet pit-stop at Reddit and seeing a bunch of people only brave enough to dress up as a superhero for Halloween (yeah I said), I decided I was tired of seeing Superman and Wonder Woman couples. Well I still want to see Halloween costumes so I had to make a decision... I would rather look at dogs in costumes than you in a costume. It's nothing personal, but if it's not a con or hardcore cosplay I just can't be bothered. You understand I'm sure and without further ado... pets+costumes=animal cruelty better than you. 515HUViELGL._SY300_


At this point you're probably noticing that these costumes kind of suck and do not make the pets look cute at all... well, now you've got your homework! Do better next year so that we all have cute pet photos to look at! Now back to the pics.

Hulk Dog



Batdog and Wonder Wodog