James' Top Five: November

Here's our next Top Five of November:

5 - The Wake

James Nov - 5

If you haven’t been following this impressively creepy work of Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy, then you have been missing something good.  If you think of the movie and mythology of “Aliens” and move it all from space to the deep-sea, then that is a very loose description of this title. It spans thousands of years from past present and future and explores the “what ifs” regarding human evolution and our relatives of the sea. The “aquamen” here aren’t pretty blond-haired dudes or charismatic Namor types. They are raw, horrific, and ready to destroy some surface dwellers. #5 was the conclusion to Part 1 and things are not looking so good at the moment for us humans. The last five issues should be intriguing.

4 – Drumhellar

James Nov - 4

I really liked this trippy mystic tale of a guy with some serious issues in the supernatural (and natural) world. All the great elements of a good comic are here with good vs. evil, cutesy spirit guides, regular and werewolf ex’s , evil bog people and lightning. Put it all on the backdrop of a rural town, and you have some seriously good story making here. Looking forward to seeing where our wayward hero will land. Riley Rossmo and Alex Link have created an interesting alternative to those who are into guys like Constantine without the level of seriousness, but with the same intensity. It is an entertaining mix of comedy and action.

3 - Wraith: Welcome to Christmasland

James Nov - 3

This is a very scary tale written by Joe Hill and drawn by CP Wilson III.  If you have read Locke and Key, then you know what Joe Hill can do as a writer. This graphic story is a prequel to his bestselling novel NOS4A2 and tells the origin story of Charlie Manx, a vampire who uses the souls of young children to give him life and strength. The story is creepy enough, but the art is the stuff of nightmares.  Drawn in an old 40’s horror comic style, this is a must read for any fan of that style or in the writing of Joe Hill.  It will keep you up at night.

2 -Harley Quinn

James Nov - 2

Reading this issue was the most fun I had all month. Using the writing chops of Amanda Conner and jimmy Palmiotti and the drawing talents of ….well….everybody, it would seem, that this #0 sets the tone for the new series and introduces us to the “one” who will be the full-time artist for the series (Chad Hardin). The opening was fast and free-spirited and puts the reader on a trajectory of what should be an enjoyable series in the months to come.  I hear that #1 will have Ms. Quinn joining up with a roller derby team…..Cool.

1 - Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter

James Nov - 1

This has been floating around in very limited release for the last couple of years, but November was the official “wide” release of what can only be described as one of the most detailed and amazing “stories” that isn’t really a story yet. The “Killbook” is a bible of the world according to Gabriel, a genetically created super soldier who saved the planet from the Martian menace, became a superstar on Earth, was framed, disgraced, and jailed, escaped, and now is going after vengeance. The “Killbook” is Gabriel’s guide of dossiers, articles, and other items of interest to help Gabe in his mission. This work is simply groundbreaking and Dan LuVisi deserves all the credit for creating something that I have never seen before and may just be the first of the next generation of comic entertainment.  I sure hope so.