Watch Your Damn Mouth Or Your X-Box One Sports Game Will Tell On You!

Little creeped out now? You should be because your Kinect 2 is listening to you all the time! The story goes that if you're swearing at your X-Box One while playing NBA 2K14 it'll give you a personal foul for your potty mouth! Watch this video if you don't believe me.

In the comments section one dude said it happened to him on his PS4 without a camera attached so... who knows if it's 100% true especially since he continues to yell and swear at his X-Box afterwards and didn't have a foul, but I also couldn't sit through the full eight minute video either.

Additionally, one player (Reddit user RossBoomsocks) reported that he received an in-game message about his colorful language and how he wasn't representing Manchester City properly... also fuck Manchester City!


Damn I want an X-Box One now... I don't even play sports games, but I want to hold the record for most technical fouls and collect letters from each clubs manager about how I need to start using "Um" instead of "Fuck" when I pause during a sentence!