Jeffery Brown's Incredible Change-Bots Becomes Trading Cards

While this is more in a support of merchandise for a comic, it's still kinda cool. I used to collect comic book cards and still have all of mine. All of them. Waste of money in the long run, maybe, joyful to see now? Definitely. The project is put together by Christopher Irving so check it out.

“As much as silly 1980’s cartoons defined my childhood, so did trading cards, making this the perfect combination - kind of like a robot, and I don’t know, a car or truck or some sort of vehicle.”--Jeffrey Brown

The Awesomebots want to tell the story of their fight with the Fantasticons as a blockbuster movie. 

Unfortunately, Electronocybercircuitron credits ain't Hollywood money.

So they asked me to create trading cards! This set of 24 pieces of cardboard are taken from the Change-Bots graphic novels by cartoonist Jeffrey Brown (A Matter of Life, Clumsy, Vader and Son).

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