Joelle Jones Launches New Website

If you're familiar with Helheim then you know Joelle Jones from her amazing artwork on that series. Obviously she's done a ton more than just Helheim, but I'm bringing that up because she's working on the sequel for the series. That's right Brides of Helheim is coming! Thanks to Jamie S. Rich for sending this our way. Official Press Release:

Comics artist Joëlle Jones is proud to announce the relaunch and redesign of her website. is the official home for all news and previews of Joëlle Jones’ projects, as well as featuring an archive of past works. Fans of the cartoonist can follow the site to buy exclusive prints and also to keep up to date on Jones’ upcoming appearances.

Joëlle Jones has been working in the comic book industry for nearly a decade, and is known for her work on books like DOCTOR HORRIBLE, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, and MADAME XANADU, as well as creator-owned projects like YOU HAVE KILLED ME and HELHEIM.

Though Jones previously had an art blog and tumblr, this marks the first full-service website devoted to her work. To celebrate, she is offering for sale, for the first time ever, the original art to HELHEIM #1. Details here:

All other art sales will continue to be through Cadence Comic Art, who are selling all remaining pages of the HELHEIM series, as well as pages from ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, HOUSE OF NIGHT, 12 REASONS WHY I LOVE HER, and Joëlle’s other previously published comic book projects:

The HELHEIM trade paperback collecting the first series will be on sale in March. Joëlle Jones is currently at work on the sequel, BRIDES OF HELHEIM, which will be released by Oni Press.