Keep Your Change... In Thanos' Head

I'm sure no one will make fun of you for having this because let's be honest, children don't give a fuck about Thanos. But I know at least one person that would buy it... STEVE!!! From Diamond Comics:

Let the most powerful being in the galaxy guard your change with a Thanos Head Bank, available exclusively in the September PREVIEWS catalog. This life-sized bank by Monogram Products Limited is available now for pre-order and is scheduled to ship mid-November.

This 10-inch tall model of Marvel’s Mad Titan will strike fear in anyone foolish enough to try to take your money! Slip your coins in the slit at the back of his smirking face, and when you’re ready to spend your savings, unplug the hole on his neck and cash in.

Fans of Thanos and his quest for the mighty Infinity stones can also find the PREVIEWS exclusive Infinity Gauntlet bank (SEP152592) and gold pewter Infinity Gauntlet keyring (SEP152594) offered again in the September PREVIEWS catalog on page 555.

To pre-order the Thanos Head Bank priced at $29.99, use item code SEP152593 at your local comic book shop. Find a local comic shop at to get the Mad Titan on your side!