Kickstarter: Doctor Muscles Omnibus!

It's been a minute since I last checked in with Bogus Books, okay well not that long since I've been rocking my "Basic Bitches Buy Marvel" shirt and spreading that link everywhere I possibly can. On the book front though I'm behind on reviewing a few of their trades one being the second volume of Doctor Muscles. You can read my review of the first volume here as I enjoyed the shit out of it. Doctor Muscles Omnibus CoverThe team at Bogus is looking to make an omnibus for Doctor Muscles and so they've gone to kickstarter to raise some funds. They're offering a ton of goodies in addition to the book and having taken part of their American Nature Kickstarter I can testify that they deliver the goods!

Kickstarter Link!

DOCTOR MUSCLES is a 450 page graphic novel collecting the entire 15 issue run of the sci-fi action adventure series. If you've already read DOCTOR MUSCLES: Volume One and Two, this omnibus will include Volume Three: 5 brand new issues (150 pages). We'll also be printing DOCTOR MUSCLES: Volume Three on its own.

The money raised will be used to pay for book printing.

…but what is DOCTOR MUSCLES all about, you ask?

The smartest man in Philadelphia, Dr. Arthur E. Muscles, is about to retire from a life of science when things go awry. A fortuitously modified formula at his research laboratory transports Dr. Muscles to another dimension, known as Quargo. Dr. Muscles now finds himself the lab rat in a maze full of perverted wizards, enslaved species, beastly giants and western motifs. His only chance at returning to Earth is to reach the Ultra-Lord at the end of the treacherous maze. Along the way, Dr. Muscles picks up various misfits and does his best to do the right thing, which usually ends up backfiring.