Kickstarter: Gamer Girl & Vixen: The Graphic Novel by Kristi McDowell

Welcome! You're going to see a lot less kickstarters and such on the site so this is the start to our last big push to help a few creators before we go back to just reviews. To start us off is Gamer Girl & Vixen from Kristi McDowell. Check out the info below and of course support the project if it looks like something for you.

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Welcome to the campaign for the Gamer Girl & Vixen graphic novel! After introducing our comic to the world last year, we're here to bring their full adventure to life in a handy dandy trade paperback. You can scroll below to see all the details of the campaign, and we invite you to read the first chapter for free!

The money we raise will be used to produce a 100+ page, full color graphic novel starring Gamer Girl & Vixen, the cutest new comic book couple, who we're kind of hoping will take the world by storm (fingers crossed!). The first half of the book is already complete and available in single issues. Now we want to finish off the book and make it available to everyone by the end of the year.

And in case the video above stops working again!