Kickstarter: Yi Soon Shin: Fallen Avenger

I've covered Yi Soon Shin a couple of times on the site with reviews. It's a historical series by Onrie Kompan that has had a consistently high production value from the beginning. In fact the artist from the first series (Giovanni Timpano) went on to work for DC just to give you an idea of the talent pool for the series. Personally it's a series I've really come to enjoy. Typically I don't go for period pieces, but the historical nature of this story intrigued me. Since reading the first volume I've been hooked since. Up until this point Kompan has had financing or paid out-of-pocket for the book which is on its second volume and now its fourth issue. He's looking for help to finish the next issue, but his stretch goal is to finish the series as well. If you can, if you're interested, then check out the kickstarter and as Onrie always says, "Onward To Victory!"

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The YI SOON SHIN Trilogy is based on a true story.  It is about a Korean warrior of real and epic proportions, sworn by duty and honor, to protect his people at all costs from the devastating and brutal Japanese invaders who threaten to conquer his country.

Much like the Nazis during World War II, the Japanese were known for having little remorse for the innocent civilians of Korea. They raped women, enslaved children and killed elders. All that stood against them was one man who could not be defeated in battle.

You can experience the first three issues of the book for FREE at Warning: YI SOON SHIN is a book for mature readers.

Yi Soon Shin Kickstarter #4 Cover

Kickstarter: Yi Soon Shin: Fallen Avenger