Korrigans: Kingdom Wars, An Epic Fantasy Strategy Game, Is Now Available

Fabulapps, maker of the hugely successful MMORPG Heroic Legends, today announced the launch of its latest fantasy strategy mobile game, Korrigans: Kingdom Wars, on the Apple App Store. In the free-to-play mobile game, players join the ancient people of Brittany, the Korrigans, in the battle to save the kingdom from the evil forces of Onalgar. The game enables players to build their empire, form an alliance and fight in tactical, action-packed real-time battles against terrifying creatures.In Korrigans, up to three players can battle in 3D-rendered arenas together against a creature/boss, in real time and with a turn-based system. In addition, they can train troops to grow an army; enhance heroes' abilities; and conspire against their rivals to forge a clan with friends and defeat fierce creatures in varied arenas. Players can also descend upon adversaries with alliances in raids across the virtual world; all while chatting live with thousands of other players around the real world.

Based in France, Fabulapps was founded by the two-man team of Thomas Pagot and Gildas Quiniou, who also create and develop each title on their own.  Their goal with Korrigans was to make a free strategy game that would not only be engaging, but also not pay-to-win like too many games in this genre. This allows players to upgrade buildings and conquer new territories to increase their empire and resources, without having to pay additional funds to get ahead.

“With Korrigans, we decided we didn’t want to sell resources directly; players would have to earn them the hard way so that the game felt as though it had a more even playing field. This was very important to us,” said Pagot. “This game has been a two-year labor of love, and we are proud to say that we definitely thought more about making an awesome fun-to-play game and less about the monetization…though don’t tell our wives.”

Korrigans: Kingdom Wars is available now for free on the Apple App Store at http://bit.ly/1dKhQlh.

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