Let's Cast The X-Force Movie and Sway Public Opinion!

All anyone is talking about today is the X-Force movie that Fox inadvertently confirmed with a series of blunders. It's already rumored that Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow is writing and directing the film, but I figured we could just get public opinion going about who the cast should be. None of this is official and I can't stress that enough. Also, the likelihood of any of these being correct is probably zero. If it turns out that I even get one of them right, than pants will be shit in around the world. Now, I'm only casting the original team since I really don't feel like dealing with the newest team that seems to add or subtract a member every story arc... that and it's more entertaining this way. On some of them I will have an alternate picked, but only if it's funny.

Cable - Liam Neeson


Well, let's see... he's good with guns, action and he's a natural-born leader. Who else could play the one-eyed, cyber arm son of Cyclops?

Alternate Choice - Clancy Brown


That's right, the original Highlander antagonist. He's got the voice, he's got the look... give him some pouches and a guns.

Boom Boom - Chloe Grace Moretz


Hey directors often work with the same actor over and over. It's easier because they have a rapport with them already. Also she has terrible taste in hats which makes her perfect for the fashion victim Boom Boom.

Domino - Hayley Atwell


It's clear that the nerds love her and she's looking for a franchise. Domino is hot and so is Atwell. Also she was one of the two people who could actually act in Captain America... there's that too.

Alternate Choice - Brit Marling


I asked Kevin for a pick and this who he choice so don't ask me. The only reason he gave was because he loves her. Let's hope she can hold a gun.

Warpath - Wes Brisco

Wes-BriscoHey he's a wrestler! Sure is. He's also Native American which at least gives him a bit of an edge. They might need to fake the height, but he'll have the attitude and frame. Also, his character doesn't really talk that much.

Cannonball - Rupert Grint


The big "R" took his sweet time finding more work after Harry Potter and so now he's prime pickings for something with range. We know the Brit's can fake a southern accent so give him a shot.

Alternate Choice - Liam Hemsworth


Another Hemsworth in the Marvel U. What crazed fan wouldn't love this? Also I'm pretty sure he can fake country boy after dating Hanna Montana.

ShatteredStar - Christian Bale


Okay so he's going to hurt the budget, but we know that he can fake an action scene and he's about the right age. Also there's no chance of another DC movie for him, so why the fuck not.

Feral - Lyndsy Fonseca


Once again, she has the Kick-Ass 2 connection. Also, she'd likely have to wear body paint and be half-naked... any other arguments? I thought so.

Alternate Choice - Sexy Garfield


Get it? Because she's a cat! Really this just needs to be an attractive female that's willing to be the worst character on the team.

Spread the word or better yet, give us your character casting or full list in the comments below.