Like Classic 2-D Animation? Then You're Going To Love Playing Cuphead

That image above is a video game not a cartoon, but basically in Cuphead from Studio MDHR you'll be playing as a cartoon character. MDHR described the game like this:

Cuphead is a classic run and gun that centers around 1-on-1 fights (2-on-1 in two player mode). With Cuphead, we aim to evolve the genre by adding new features such as: super arts, infinite lives, a playable world map and hidden secrets. In addition to that, we will have refined controls, additional boss patterns on harder modes and balanced weapons to equip (that you don’t lose!). We plan to release 10-15 bosses per episode and end up with over 30 bosses. If all goes as planned, we will defeat the current “Guinness World Record for Most Boss Battles in a Run and Gun Game”[25 total].

I want to play it just based on the animated look, but here's a video of it in action.