Marvel Is Suing Ghostface Killa For 20 Million

I can actually speak for Kevin on this one and say that we're big fans/supporters of the Wu Tang Clan and their members side projects. Ghostface in particular has had some of the best solo LP's of the group and it's a known fact that he's a huge fan of Iron Man. So huge that his video is playing in the background on Tony Stark's plane in the first movie. He even has an album titled "Iron Man" in very Iron Man-esc font. Well he was on MTV this week promoting Wu Block (which is okay, but I need to listen to it more) and he brought up that Marvel is suing him for sampling the music from the Iron Man theme song on his 2000 album "Supreme Clientele". I'm guessing it's from the shitty 90's cartoon that the theme song was sampled from, but I don't know for sure. Go ahead and hum a few bars I'm sure we'll all know it once you do... no, no, that's Black Sabbath go ahead and try again... yeah no one knows this fucking song. Too bad because as I said Ghostface has been a long time fan of the character and I'm just saying he watched the movie and liked it; he actually has an entire story as to why he relates to the character. I guess Marvel and Disney just don't like people playing with their toys and all those Star Wars fans should probably watch out! You can watch the video from MTV after the break.