Marvel Mystery Mates Are Coming

If you tuned into the podcast a few weeks ago you heard us open a Batman Mystery Toy on the show and well now we're probably going to be opening a Marvel Mystery Toy on the show as well. These little fuckers have no price or release date, but they are by Funko. Here's a list of figures in the series!

  • "Did you see the size of that guys... feet?" Loki
  • "Yes I did see that size of that guys feet" Loki
  • Taking a crap Spider-Man
  • Looking into your window Silver Surfer
  • What's in your wallet Thanos
  • "Why does Hulk's head look different from everyone else" Hulk
  • Grab your balls for a dollar Ultron
  • Talk to the hand Dr. Doom
  • Happy about his STD Green Goblin
  • His my hand Galactus
  • Unimpressed by his own hammer Thor
  • "Why are there only two women" Scarlet Witch
  • "I don't know, just be glad they picked us" Firestar
  • 90's Hommie Deadpool
  • 90's still suck Deadpool
  • The Punisher

Now here's some pictures: