Marvel NOW: Marvel Uses One Word To Describe Rebooted Series

No the word is not "Terrible" or even "Now" which would have been funny at least. Nope today Marvel announced with the word "Invincible" that Kieron Gillen and Greg Land would be working on Invincible Iron Man... I know that because it's in the Iron Man font and coloring as well. My first thought was, "Man we're going to see Iron Man in that one pose that Land draws... a lot, which will probably be a tracing of Archangel." Then I had to remember why Gillen's name was rubbing me wrong. It was a title called S.W.O.R.D., and it was possibly one of the worst things I read in 2010... and he wrote it. Will they somehow be the magical dream team everyone's been waiting for to replace Fraction and Larroca? Wait they're replacing them? Fuck that sucks. marvelnow_teasernew3_02

Then Marvel announced "Worthy" in the Thor font and slapped Jason Aaron's and Esad Ribic on the book. So it's going to look futuristic and take two months per an issue unless they started a year ago... which they didn't. I'm sure that all the Jason Aaron lovers in the world just creamed themselves, but I will go in with a clear mind and clear shorts before I decide if it's good or not. Perhaps Aaron can be the first writer since JMS to make Thor interesting and not a drunk guy that smashes shit.

I'm sure another word is on its way as we speak to describe another book in another notable font like "Mutant Scum" or "Smash" or "Snikt" or even "THPT." That last one was Spider-Man in case you didn't get it, or didn't care to.