Marvel's June Solicits Have A Couple of... Reveals


I was going to say "Dumb" reveals, but that's just my personal opinion talking. The first is the one above for the tenth issue of Age of Ultron which basically alludes to Galactus appearing... just like in the Hickman Fantastic Four series so whatever.

The second that is for Uncanny Avengers #10 which came with the tagline of "The Four Horsemen of Death." You'll notice that all of the characters are dead and should stay that way. The group includes a terribly drawn Banshee, Sentry, Daken and Grim Reaper. No one gives two shits about that last one, but I'm sure that everyone's pissed about the first three. After the whole "M" word thing, I'm sure Remender's days are number on that book anyways.