Michael Moreci’s Supernatural Cop Drama ReincarNATE Being Developed for Television

ReincarNATE (@ReincarNATETV), Michael Moreci’s beloved comics about a down and out Private Eye Nate McCoy, has been optioned by Buck Productions (@buckproductions), a leading film and television production company. Currently in development, the project is executive produced by Sean Buckley, Owner, Buck Productions and Patrice Théroux, an industry veteran who has led film and television divisions at key players eOne and Alliance Atlantis. Up-and-comer James Cooper (@cooper_jim), who has directed Interview with a Time Traveler and Elijah the Prophet, developed the adaptation and wrote the pilot. Well known in the world of comics, Moreci (@MichaelMoreci) has penned ReincarNATE, Roche Limit, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, as well as Hoax Hunters, which is currently being developed into a feature film. Based on the popularity of Moreci's outstanding body of work, Heavy Metal is set to re-release the full ReincarNATE comic series for fans in November with a new set of ReincarNATE issues confirmed for 2016.

ReincarNATE 2"ReincarNATE is one of my very first professional comic projects and still one of my favorites,” said Michael Moreci. “With a great team behind it in James, Sean, and Patrice at Buck, I see it going to some really great places. I couldn't be more excited about what's to come."

"I was taken by the graphic novel and Michael’s wild imagination. ReincarNATE is a perfect blend of a detective serial and the supernatural, but steeped in Michael’s great characters and a graphically rich world, thanks to Keith,” said Patrice Théroux. “There are so many layers to this story,” added Sean Buckley. “Both from a narrative perspective and a visual perceptive, which is why it is will be a privilege to bring Nate and his world to life on screen.”

ReincarNATE is a one hour crime drama focused on down-on-his-luck Private Eye Nate McCoy. After being shot in the head during an investigation, Nate gains the ability to interact with versions of himself from past lives; Jameson, a wild west lawman, and Alan, a contract killer from the 1960s. With their help, Nate takes on the dangerous underworld, crooked cops, and scumbags, including El Panda; a criminal heavyweight who may have been responsible for the murder of his father.

Michael Moreci and ReincarNATE are represented by Jason Yarn Literary Agency.