Monster & Wine: Episode 61 - $5 Dollar Foot Long

The M&W curse continues with another act of terrorism taking place at a luxury hotel in Mali. The duo discuss this, as well as the sentencing of now defamed former Subway spokesman, Jared "I like 'em young" Fogle. Monster talks about the review for the recently released, sure-to-be-mega-hit, "Star Wars: Battlefront" and whether or not he plans to get it. You probably know the answer. The topic of objectifying women pops up after Monster gives a quick review of the Amy Schumer flick, "Trainwreck" and the duo get into it in an amusing, yet hopefully, thought-provoking way. M&W also gush over season 2 of Fargo and how you should totally be watching it if you aren't already. Lastly, wacky news brings this humdinger of an episode to a close.