Omakase – Kill la Kill Edition

Monthly boxes of goodies have become a pretty big business. So big that the granddaddy of them all is being forced to expand and change its business model while hungry upstarts show them that maybe their model wasn’t that great to begin with.

Link to Omakase!

Omakase is a monthly box of goodies with an anime theme. Pretty simple right? It’s really going to boil down to what’s inside the box…


That’s right Mr. Pitt, what is in the box? Well this month, as I said, is Kill la Kill. One of the best animes to come around in years, the Trigger animation has become a merchandising dream. The big inclusion in my opinion is the gold-plated edition of Udon Entertainment’s manga adaptation of the series. Let’s just say, that it’s a pretty book. It also is bigger than the standard size manga so don’t try to put it on the same shelf.

There was a mystery item as well, an item that was releasing first with the Omakase and later for regular retail (this is how you win people by the way) and it’s a Mako beach towel. Now… I’m a grown ass man. I don’t know if I’ll particularly use this beach towel, but you better believe that I’m happy to own it. Mako of course was the breakout comedic support character of the series and so a towel with her on it is just a cool item to have. That and you know when I do bust it out… people will be like that guys kinda weird wearing his Sailor Moon t-shirt and Kill la Kill scarf… laying on that towel... yet I'm strangely drawn to him...

WP_20151120_007 WP_20151120_008

Which brings me to the scarf. It’s cool. I’m not a scarf guy, but don’t be surprised if and when it shows up in a future Comic Bastards video because I will use it. Oh yes, I will. It’s a pretty good quality as well in case you were wondering.



The two things that I will use the most are the smallest. One is a wrist band with the Three Star logo on it. I’ve already worked it into my rotation of wearing it while I type. (Not now, I’m not that guy wearing the shirt of the band he’s seeing because that’s what that would be like) The other is a button with Guts on it. Instant bag flair.


Overall, I’m happy with the mix of items. Honestly, I would have been fine with the special edition comic and the two small items so the big stuff is just a bonus in my mind. Also… I like the pricing. You get two months at $29.99. I’ll also tell you that I have no idea what it costs to sign up with other monthly goodie boxes, but the reason for that is because I think they mostly offer cheap crap that doesn’t interest me. I’ve received two as gifts previously and I only kept two items. Three if you count the socks, but does sitting in a draw never used really count? At any rate, I’m going to check them out next month and maybe, just maybe I found the monthly box for me.


NO! NO! We already did that Pitt… go make a bad movie with your wife already.