More Please! Rouge + Magneto

Artist Clayton Henry has created some real magic with Roneto as she's now being called. This Rogue/Magneto hybrid is pretty awesome and it got me thinking about what other characters could fill the roles of the reverse gender? This probably works a bit better in the Marvel Universe which doesn't have as many male and female versions of the same characters already *cough* Superman, Supergirl, Powergirl, Batman, Batgirl, Batwoman *cough*, but there are some that would be interesting to see like Huntress filling in for Catman or even Joker dawning Harley Quinn's outfit. As for Marvel I would love to see more X-Men switches of the same theme, Cyclops as the Phoenix (Dark or Normal crazy). Dazzler as... anyone that's cooler than Dazzler would be a step in the right direction for that character. The point is, if you're an artist (perhaps one named Clayton Henry) then get busy on making this new category of fan art happen! Roguneto

Via Clayton Henry on DeviantArt