Motion Comics Are Terrible: John Woo's Seven Brothers Premiers

Let me break out some comic knowledge/history on this since I was apparently the only person in the news media to actually buy and read this entire series. If I wasn't then someone explain why everyone posted about this but didn't say anything about it. First off it was originally released by the now defunct Virgin Comics, which had most of its properties picked up by Liquid Comics which has done nothing but re-release them in digital format and now terrible motion comic format. To be completely honest the book sucked. At the time I kept buying it because it was John Woo and Garth Ennis! I kept asking myself, "How can it be bad!" Here's the worst part, I bought the second series as well which was even worse. The story is basically that seven brothers have been reincarnated into new forms and they're all basically the scum of the earth, but they're also the last hope for the earth. Also there is a dragon in there somewhere. I bought it, I read it and frankly I kind of bought everything back then.

Flash-forward four to five years later and we now have a motion comic of the series which begs the question, "Why?" The voice acting is terrible and frankly it seems like the effort that goes into animating a 2-D page could be easily spent making an original animated drawing. This "episode" which equates to about the first seven pages of the issue, opens with a man reading the caption boxes from the comic. I could not take him seriously even for a moment. I thought that he was going to try to sell me dog food or a car any moment it was that bad. Also this thing is six minutes long and two of those minutes are spent on credits and a preview of the next episode. That's right, you get to watch a full minute of the next four-minute episode...

At any rate check it out for yourself and see just how terrible it is. If you're interested in reading the bad comic it's based off of you can find it digitally or probably in some back issue bins at a comic shop. The worst part is I bought both covers of each issue... fucking waste of money I regret everything.