Mountain Meet Mole Hill: Stop Killing Babies!

You know what's becoming a real world problem and shaping the minds of the youth of tomorrow? Baby killing! First we had the Ultimate Red Skull holding guns to a baby's head. tumblr_kyt9ewYdjD1qznvt5o1_500

Then we have the jerk throwing the baby out the window!


After this chilling scene I'm sure that the youth of tomorrow will grow up and have kids and just start throwing them out windows!

Now we have a baby exploding in Demon Knights #1.


Can you believe this! Kids are going to grow up and have to choose from throwing a baby out the window or blowing it up with witchcraft! Insane what comics are teaching kids today. What's that? Woman's rights and sexism? ...Those are a thing of the past, we don't need to deal with those anymore. We need to deal with people who aren't spending any energy on babies dying in comics due to unnatural circumstances because that's the real issue, right Bleeding Cool?


We can very easily change the way that people view and treat women in our society, but baby killing... that's a battle we'll never win if comics keep up this pace of one baby death a year. At this rate we'll be lighting them on fire or putting them in cute Cupid diapers with bows and arrows, just terrible! So please let's all spend a lot of time weighing in on how disturbing it is when a baby explodes. Although, I have it on good authority that that baby in Demon Knights #1 killed another baby and that's why a demon was able to posses him so maybe the little bastard had it coming.