My Life Makes Sense Now! Alternate Ending to Original TMNT Movie

Stay with me for a moment because I'm about to explain my childhood. When I was a kid I loved the Ninja Turtles. I had three friends the loved the Ninja Turtles. I had as much Ninja Turtle shit as my parents would buy me and would do whatever chores I had to, to ensure more TMNT stuff would continue to arrive. I had the trading cards and carried them with me like a prized possession. I loved trading card and still do even if they now suck. I also had a sticker book. A sticker book that is no longer made. See they used to make books for your favorite cartoon or movie and after purchasing the book with some starter stickers you would then have to buy packs of stickers to fill the book. You chased the stickers. This is not of my collection, but rather some lucky jerk that kept theirs in great condition.

For the Turtles book it was scenes from the movie, but not too many scenes because the movie wasn't out yet. This was before the days that Hollywood intentionally spoiled shit in order to the hype the film. Now the book itself wasn't just a white page, each page had a scene from the movie as well and there was this one scene that I loved. It showed all four of the Turtles looking in a window with some dude standing in front of them. After I saw the movie (which I still enjoy to this day) I went back that sticker book to capture the magic of the scenes since it was going to be a long while before I would see them again. Home releases of videos always took a long ass time because of the rental business. I got to that page and I realized... it wasn't in the movie. You can imagine my excitement at the follow clip when that scene... was revealed to be the alternate ending! My heart just about jumped out of my chest. Please enjoy and forgive the terrible quality because someone obviously didn't take care of this footage.

Via Albotas