My Pull List - Adam Kelly (8/20/14)

Welcome to My Pull List! This week we take a look at what writer Adam Kelly has on his pull list.

Genius03_CoverGenius #3

I need to catch up on this one and read the second and now third issue, but I was a big fan of the debut.  I think the premise is very interesting and with all of the riots in Ferguson, it’s not too far-fetched to think something like starting a war against the police would happen.  It’s a scary thought but also makes this book that much more interesting to read in my opinion.


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FadeOut01_MagazineCoverThe Fade Out #1

A 40-page issue from the masters of the genre on a new title?  Count me in.


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ManifestDestiny09_CoverManifest Destiny #9

I’ve been really busy lately so admittedly I’m two months behind on this one.  I just got the part where they discovered the ridiculously intimidating river monster, so I’m curious how they deal with that in #8.  That said, this is a series I thought I would never give a chance-the Adventures of Lewis and Clark?  I didn’t care.  But after picking up the first issue I knew my ignorance blinded me from the fact that this is a comic book after all, and this series is still one of my favorites each month.  It’s extremely consistent with no missteps thus far.

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Last_Broadcast_004_COVER-AThe Last Broadcast #4

Yup, an issue behind on this one too (I think I figured out what I’m doing with my day off today!).  This book is so interesting and different from most books out there.  Dustin hit the nail on the head so I’ll just quote him: “each issue manages to top the previous.”  And that’s saying a lot considering the first issue was one of my favorite debut issues in recent memory.


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Wicked+Divine03_CoverAThe Wicked + The Divine #3

I’m also behind on this one, I just read the first issue last week.  I was totally blown away though.  I feel like people either love this book or love to hate it.  I absolutely love it and think the premise is just brilliant, especially with music being my favorite thing in the world.  It’s crazy to think of pop stars becoming gods for two years and then dying.  There’s so much intrigue surrounding this book and much more going on than we’re given so I love sitting down with the issue and with Kieron Gillen’s extra notes on Tumblr and just getting everything I can out of this story.  The art is gorgeous too.  I loved everything about that first issue and hopefully it’ll stay that way for a long time to come.

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