My Pull List For 11/13/13 - Adam Kelly

Here's Adam's pull list for the week, be sure to check back for reviews as well!

Coffin Hill #2


This was a series I hadn’t heard anything about prior to it coming out but after checking the first issue out last month, I bought it.  It ended up being one of my favorites of the month, and I’m really excited for the second issue.  Erik’s review pretty much nailed exactly what I thought of it-I’m hoping that this issue jumps around a little less and starts to pick up, but I think it will.  The art is fantastic too.  I love how dark and evil it’s been even in the flashbacks, so I can’t imagine what’s in store for Eve Coffin.

The Walking Dead #116


So this is a typical one, but so far this has potential to be my favorite story arc so obviously I’m going to get every issue.  I mean what a cliffhanger last month, and another reason why Negan is my favorite Walking Dead villain.  Honestly, I’m kind of bummed that I will already have read it before I get to buy it because of my and Jordan’s dual review (shameless plug, make sure to check that out when it goes up).

Alex+Ada #1

alexada01 cover

Okay so I know this came out last week and I gave it a 5/5 in my review…But I forgot to pick it up last week.  This was one of my favorite debut issues.  I love the overwhelming sense of loneliness and almost depression that’s portrayed.  The premise is awesome and the near-futuristic setting is believable.  I think anyone can relate to what Alex is feeling, whether it be in relationships or just with others in general.  I think this has potential to be a very special story, so I’m definitely going to see where it goes.

Manifest Destiny #1


I have no idea what to expect with this, but I must admit I’m quite intrigued.  I hate my history class, so maybe this will make Lewis and Clark’s adventures more interesting.  The art looks awesome too and it seems to be from a pretty unknown guy, so that’s always cool to support.